Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Engagement Story

Hello everyone, Matt and I were married in the Salt Lake Temple on Feb. 15, 2008! I chose to be married in Salt Lake because we figured five generations on my side had been married there. Matt proposed to me October 27, 2007. A couple of weeks before, he had gone back to Kansas to see his family. His family from Germany was visiting his parents. He called on his way to Rexburg and I asked him if he had brought back a ring and he told me, “No.” My hurt sunk. We had talked about marriage but never really finalized it. We were in Utah seeing my family, and an old roommate, Heather Aulick, off on her mission. Matt informed me before we went down that he wanted to take me to a nice restaurant (for those who don't know Rexburg, there are none). I packed a ruffled blue shirt and a skirt my mom and Christa had given to m. That day he said he was going to see an old roommate at Provo. He later came back with a dozen roses and when I asked what they were for; his reply was, "Because I love you!" Next we headed off to the restaurant. We were both dressed up and looking smashing. We ended up at a restaurant called La Caille in Sandy, Utah, which is hidden up in the mountains. As you drive up to the restaurant, lights guide you to the restaurant on a brick drive way. A butler took our car, and we entered the restaurant. The food was amazing! We had the whole meal, appetizer, entree, meal, and dessert. Matt was so funny during the meal. I apparently was quite and he kept asking me what was wrong. I was wondering why in the world were we at such a nice restaurant. I thought to myself, “If its like this now, what is he going to do when he proposes?!” After the meal we walked around the restaurant watching the swans and holding hands. Next we drove to Salt Lake City. Matt stated we were going to go and listen to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing. Which I thought was odd because Matt has never been one to go to a choir concert but I thought I was just happy to be with him. As we were walking towards the temple, Matt is carrying this box with his coat on top. He wouldn’t let me peak or tell me what was inside this box. I also have to add we got lost and the two of us became very frustrated. After complaining, Matt at one point said, “Let’s just turn around and go back to the car.” I replied with, “Fine.” However, he was determined to find the temple. Next we stepped onto a carriage ride with the horse and buggy. He sat across from me, which I thought was weird, and asked him to come and sit next to me. He told me to wait awhile. I felt weird sitting by myself, with this good looking hunk sitting across from me, so he finally when I wasn't looking handed me a build of bear. The bear was in a tux with a red rose in his claw. Then I noticed that the bear was down on one knee. It didn't click and I said, "Matt I think this bear’s leg is broken, I'll fix it." So I fixed the bear! I straightened the leg (which he had put a whole hour into safety pinning the leg back) I next looked up and he was on one knee. Oh boy! He then said a couple of things, which I had him, repeat it twice because I was so caught up in the moment. Of course I said “Yes!!!” We then rode around on the carriage ride talking, kissing, laughing, on cloud nine!