Friday, November 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn!

Thanks to Christa, we were able to get wonderful seats at the 8:00 pm showing of Breaking Dawn. She was there in line at 1:30 pm. She said some people showed up at 9:00 am to get in line. Susan, Mom, Janae, Christa, Rachel, and another sister from third ward are in the picture of above. More women came, and we had a blast. Nothing is being than being in a theater full of Twilight fans, gasping, wooing, and whistling over Edward and Jacob. I thought this was the best one yet. There was humor and sizzling moments. Can't wait till the next one!

KU Womens Volleyball Game

November 16, we attended the KU Womens Volleyball Game! KU played OU. We had a blast. During games they had the audience serve over the net and try to hit a tee-shirt. Kate and I tired but did not succeed. Allison Mayfield, standing at six foot two, dominated the court. She is amazing.

Dad's Birthday

One thing I will always remember about my dad is his popcorn. He has it at least twice a week, on the weekends. I took this picture because in one hand he has my mom and in the other, his popcorn, his two loves.
As a joke, Michael gave my dad a switch blade comb and pomade. We laughed so hard. Michael took the pomade and made himself a mustache.
My dad's work had a costume contest and so he dressed up as Captain America. He ended up winning some moo-la and best costume! We were all laughing!
Katie trying out the comb.
The pomade.
Matt and I gave him some are warmers (gear) to wear when he rides his bike to work.

Gloves he wears when he goes shooting.

Pumpkin Carving with the Wilsons

On Halloween evening we got together with our friends, the Wilsons. We carved pumpkins on the 29th of October and watched "The Village" on Halloween night. I saw the movie way back in the theaters and thought it was pretty scary, however the second time around, not so much. Our pumpkin is on the left, two ghosts!