Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So surprised!

 I am never excited to go to the doctor but on May 1st I couldn't wait.  Being at work, 2:00 crept slowly.  Mom and Christa met us at our apt so we could all drive over together for the sonogram.  My whole pregnancy my mom kept saying, "Nicci I think you are going to have a boy."   Matt's side of the family is a line of boys.  At the beginning of the pregnancy I wanted a girl but then saw how much fun boys are with trucks, tractors, etc.  So the sonogram lady was super cute and had a great personality.  She made the whole experience really fun.  I'm laying on the bed and she puts this warm gel on my tummy and then starts the whole process.  It was so fun to see that something inside of me is growing and I'm not just getting this jello belly.  We saw the long legs, which probably are really tiny but looked long to us.  The baby was just resting, almost like he/she was in a hamick.  The technician kept pushing on my tummy to try and get some movement out of the baby.  We finally got the baby to separate the legs and the tech says, "Oh look there is three lines!"  My response was, "What? Are you sure? You better double check!"  She replied with, "I'm sure."  My mom said Matt was going limp.  We couldn't believe it!  We had all these boy names picked out, Wil, and Jack and now are trying to think of some girl names.  We want a name that is definitely a girl name, nothing that could be a girl/boy name.  Matt later said deep down he wanted a girl.  On quick funny story, my neighbor Courtney did a trick that if a dangling pencil held by a string and paper clip, went up and down on your arm then it's a boy and if it the pencil went side to side, it meant your having a girl.  Well she did it to me twice and both times it said we were having a boy.  She swore up and down that it was valid. So later that day when she came home from work I said, "Courtney you need to quite your day job and start the pencil business."  Her eyes sparkled and she said, "Oh you are having a boy, I knew it!"  Then I shared the news!  Pretty funny.
 First trimester. I think I'm around 17 weeks here.
For work I made a vanilla cake and put cool whip with strawberries in the middle.  I used red food coloring to dye the cool whip pink.  As I cut into the cake, my co-workers found out! 
Around 21 weeks!

Lady Antebellum Concert!

Shelley and I at Lady Antebellum Concert at the Sprint Center.  The concert was amazing!  We had a really good time.  First we ate at Texas Roadhouse and then headed to the concert. 

Easter 2012

 Isn't Sarah just adorable. I love her skirt and pink feather earrings.

 Katie and Landon Hillebrant.  Landon proposed to Katie on April 28.  They were out fishing and he asked her to be his life long fishing partner (cute huh).  They are getting married in the Idaho Falls, Idaho Temple on July 28.  Landon served in Peru with my brother Scott.  He fits in well with the fam!

 The family minus Scott.  He was out at BYU at the time.

 I love Christa's Easter dress!
 Michael with his coke!

A little bit of paradise

 Ready to see the fish!  One morning while walking, the parrot was causal standing on a branch in a front yard!  The parrot also said, "Hello!"  This blew me away!
Ocean view from our back porch. 
 This gecko decided to join us in the house from outside. It crawled into some fake shrubbery and I freaked out.  I imagined it crawling into my mouth while sleeping so I am pulling out all the fake plants and flowers trying to find the annoying little gecko.  I finally spotted it and used a broom to sweep it outside on the porch.  Later Matt's uncle informs me that geckos find cracks and found in the house.  
 Pool in the backyard.

April 19, Matt and I left our apt bright and early (4:40 a.m. to be exact) for KCI.  From KCI we flew into Denver, then to Sacramento.  We literally walked on the tarmac and boarded this tiny airplane.  The plane had one column of one seats and on the other column two seats. I thought I was going to be sick!  We flew from Sacramento to San Fransisco and on to L.A.  From L.A. we FINALLY made it to Kahului airport.  We figured our total travel time was 15 hours not including time change.  Matt's uncle, aunt, and cousins live in Maui.  That was one condition Matt had before the baby, we had to take a real vacation.  We were planning on staying with his family, however they are in the process of remodeling and set us up with a sweet house.  The owners only use it a month out of the year. First thing we did was buy the main essentials at the grocery store.  Milk was around five bucks and fruit was outrageous. I guess you pay a high cost for living in paradise. The first day we relaxed at the beach.  We applied sunscreen but thought we would tan on our legs, arms, chest, etc.  Needless to say we were lobsters by the end of the day.  However it was just nice to relax.  By the end of the trip, I finished two chapter books, Hunger Games and a Nicholas Sparks book (something close to heaven).  We also went snorkeling and saw lots of beautiful fish.  We took a boat by the name of Alii Nui to Molokini island.  It's a sunken volcano. We also saw eels.  The ship provided free alcohol drinks all around.  One guy came up to us and was concerned that we weren't having a good time, I'm guessing it was because we weren't getting a buzz.  We also saw a mamma whale with her baby on the way back.  We decided to rent snorkeling gear and went snorkeling at White Rock beach.  Matt and I were just swimming along when Matt spotted a good size turtle!  We followed it as long as we could before we lost it.  The turtle got to close to the beach and the sand made it to hard to see.
 The whitest people you have ever seen on a beach.
 Nicci attempting to boogie board.
 Our favorite restaurant, Aloha Mixed Plate.  The restaurant was right by the ocean.  We love to order Lava Flows (virgin). 
 A walking trail that Matt was convinced the nude beach was on.  

 On our way to whale watching.

 Love birds with Sperry's and deep fried legs.

 Nicci standing in front of the Banyan tree in Lahaina.  The tree covers an entire city block!  Off the branches, vines grow and grow into the ground and take root.
 Matt and I enjoying our free dessert at Hula Grill.  Made it worth the mediocre meal.

 Hula show in the at local mall.  The dancers were amazing at shaking their hips.

 Enjoying Maui's BBQ at Big Daddy's.  Matt thought it was pretty good.  He ordered the pulled pork and I had the brisket.  I still think KC BBQ is better.

 Matt's cousins came over for a swim in the backyard of our place.  Casey is seven years old and adorable!  On Saturday we watched the boys while Marty and Amber went to a wedding.  We played hide and go seek.  He would yell out, "Vicki where are you?" 
 David loves pizza!  David is ten years old and can quote the whole chipmunk movie!

 Matt after a hard day of work on the golf course with his uncle Marty.  They golfed with a guy from St. Louis and New York.  Matt said he got a better work out than anyone else... he took twice as many swings. 

 Friday night Matt and I attended a magic show in Lahaina.  The show was called Warren and Annabelles. When checking in you had to go through a maze to get into the lounge.  Afterwards Annabelle (who is a ghost) played request songs on the piano.  Matt and I split a piece of key lime pie.  Afterwards you entered into a room to watch the show.  Some of the tricks he performed were two bowling balls dropping out of a black hat, link three wedding rings together, card and coin tricks, and burned a $100 bill and later made it appear inside of a lemon.  He was a great entertainer.  The show was magic mixed with comedy for two hours.   We highly recommend it to anyone!
 Matt strikes a pose on the rental.
 Warren the magician with Matt's ring.
 Marty, Amber, David, and Casey.
 Sunset in Kihei.
 Nicci practicing throwing spears.

 At the luau, Polynesian Village Luau. 
 Matt at the bar fetching our lava flow drinks.
 Dinner is served.  Here they are showing us how they cook a turkey on the hot rocks. 

 A tree climber.
 Doin the haka.

 Fire and knife dancing!

 The castle.  A huge deck in front and one in back that overlooked the city and ocean.

Overall it was a very much needed relaxing vacation!