Sunday, December 14, 2008


So my friend Kortney tagged us and I have never done it before. Plus it's Sunday afternoon and I thought it would be fun to do with Matt. We had a good time doing it and laughed about a few things. Even though its cold outside and we are in Rexburg, its a fun time in our lives.

8 Shows that Matt and I enjoy watching:

1. The Office (that's what she said)
2. Seinfeld (Matt loves this show, he has the whole series)
3. The Cosby Show (Again this one is Matt)
4. Everybody loves Raymond (Matt once more)
5. What Not to Wear (Matt and I both enjoy watching this show, even though we dress like slobs)
6. Animal Planet (I like this, some of the shows are intriguing)
(6 is good enough)

8 Things that happened yesterday:

1. It snowed like the dickens
2. We bought a down and a devout cover (LOVE IT!!!), the bed spread we originally had was tearing at the seams.
3. Made BBQ Chicken Pizza for dinner, Yummy!!!
4. Looked for Scott's Christmas Present, no luck.
5. Bought my Dad's Christmas Present.
6. Cleaned the apartment, Matt is a super helper!
7. Did Laundry, I know pretty exciting.
8. We sat a traffic light for literally 12 minutes!!!!!

8 Things I am looking forward to:

1. Christmas in Kansas!
2. Leaving Rexburg for Good.
3. Graduating in April.
4. Matt says, "Nicci to have a job." Thats right I will be his sugar momma after April.
5. Someday have kids and Matt says, "Grandkids."
6. Our one year anniversary :D!
7. Getting Matt's Christmas shopping done.
8. Seeing where Scott goes on a mission.

8 Things I love about Winter:

1. Hot Chocolate
2. Christmas and Nativity sets
3. Christmas Lights
4. Sledding
5. Jumping on the tramp with Sarah, snow flying in the air.
6. Spring is around the corner.
7. How pretty the earth looks, when its covered in snow.
8. Playing in the snow, except Matt likes to take me to the ground and rub my face with snow.

8 Things on my Wish list:

1. To make it to Kansas the same day we leave. We are praying for good weather that day!
2. To exercise more.
3. To be more like Christ.
4. Draw closer as a couple.
5. To do well next semester.
6. To go ice-skating at Crown Center in Kansas City
7. To have healthy children
8. To find an internship after I graduate.

8 People I tag:
1. Erin Garner
2. Daleen Royer
3. Alisha Siddoway
4. Niki Coon
5. Jill Coon
6. Katie Coon
7. Amy Moore
8. Sharlene Bitter