Monday, July 19, 2010

More Pictures from the Reunion

Grant and Jill Coon


Paul and Melissa Coon

Elizabeth Jensen, Sarah, Joe Coon, and Ryan Coon

Brigham Coon, and Miriam Jensen

Cute baby Ike Coon!

Dad, Gloria Coon, and Hannah Coon. The two little girls are pretty funny. Hannah calls wedgies, "snuggies!"

Matt and I out on Kelli's front porch. She has a wonderful view of Utah Lake along with the mountains.

My two beautiful sisters! I love them so much. Sarah will be fourteen in October and Katie is seventeen starting her senior year! We sure missed Scott. He has been out for seven months and was just asked to be a Trainer. He was pretty shocked! On Thursday everyone went to Lagoon. Matt and I met up with Matt's friend Brett Royer, and had lunch and then went shopping at the Gateway in downtown Salt Lake City. It was great to see the temple. Oh speaking of temples, we went to the Draper Temple on Tuesday! What a gorgeous temple! To finish up our trip, we stopped in Buena Vista Colorado and floated the Arkansas River with Buffalo Joes! Bob was our guide and one of the experienced ones. I wasn't feeling to great so I didn't take any pictures but we had a blast on the rapids. Half way through we stopped and had steak, corn, and salad. The second half was more exciting compared to the first half. Overall we had a wonderful vacation!

Donut Falls

Wednesday we went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to see Donut Falls. Well of course we had to be some Donuts along! It's named Donut Falls because within the water fall, there is a rock with a hole and water just pouring through it. Matt and I first hiked the wrong side of the falls and weren't able to see it until my cousin Adam took me up.

Here is Aaron Jensen enjoying what is left of the chocolate! Ha ha, I died laughing when I saw him doing this, I just had to get a picture of him getting the chocolate off the box with his finger and then licking it.

Hiking to the falls. Notice Matt with the Donut Box!

Katie, I, and Matt on our way to the falls.

Mom, Katie, and I.

Gloria Coon, Jill, and Sarah.

The family enjoying their donuts!

Miriam, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Tiffany

The two Katies!

Here is Kelli Jensen running from just being in the fall.

Donut Falls! There was no way I was going to get in the water with a white tee-shirt! I don't know what I was thinking.

My cousin Adam.

Right before you enter the cave or the falls.

Adam Jensen

Me when Matt and I climbed the wrong side of the falls but the view was beautiful! Although I hated climbing down, it was very steep.

Matt and I. It was so beautiful up in the mountains.

Kelli Jensen and Jill Coon.

Cute Cousins!

Adam lookin good in the hat.

Family Skits

Each night we had an activity. Sunday night we ate at Kelli's house in Saratoga Springs and had talent night. Some of the talents were singing, playing the piano, ballerina toes, card tricks, stomach roles, jokes, and story telling. Monday night we did skits. Each family was responsible in presenting a skit.
Here is a picture of Grandpa Coon and Aunt Cathy laughing their heads off with David giving the thumbs up!

Paul's family, with Jay and Jordan, did Helen Keller's men choir and sang "Stop in the Name of Love." It was pretty hilarious! The crowd was roaring!

Kelli's family were all sitting on a bench and when the last person came along, they came to find out that it was imaginary! So they fell down.

Ron was a crazy cub scout and Debbie was an old lady. Afterwards they sang a beautiful song!

Niki and Rob made up a song about each aunt and uncle and their funny traits. It was really cute. I think one of Paul's trait was come ride his toys and stay at his house!

I think one thing about Grant's was he would help you out in anyway!

What they said about my mom was, "She will hold your baby!"

They said Brenda will make you some delicious Texas Sheet Cake!

Here is Grant and Jill and their cute family. At the end of their skit, everyone got sprayed with a spray bottle. Each of them did spitting acts.

Here we are! Matt found this hilarious video of ballerina dancers on youtube. Matt was Seymore Butts, Laurie was Mary Ann Humanette, and my dad was Amanda hug and kiss. Katie, me, and Sarah were behind them providing their hands. Matt was the announcer and told the audience it wasn't hard to be a ballerina and you didn't need to have a special body.

Mom made the tu-tus and dad agreed to wear a flower in his hair. We had a blast doing it.

Family Reunion out in Utah!

Friday, July 2, we traveled out to Utah with family. This year for our family reunion we decided to serve my Aunt Brenda. Brenda's husband Evan passed away thirteen years ago this summer and was in need of some help. My uncles put on a new roof the week before and we started painting the house on Monday. Matt and I both love Brenda! She has a great sense of humor and is an incredible hard worker! We were grateful for the opportunity to serve her.

Before the paint job.

Crazy Uncle Rob wore nylons on his head and arms to protect his skin from the paint.

The finish product with everyone that helped!