Monday, April 5, 2010


Matt and I are so lucky to have both set of parents in the same town and be friends! This year we all went to the McKendrick's house. We watched conference, had Easter dinner, and had an egg hunt.

Matt sharing his eggs with Sarah bean.

Matt gathering as many eggs as he could.

My mom and I.

Mom, Matt, and Christa preparing the amazing food.

Papa bear enjoying conference. He's a great spectator.

Visiting Celinda

The end of March my mom, sisters, and I went up to Nebraska to see my cousin Celinda and her family. She has three cute girls. While we were there we went shopping, to the temple, and ate out. We had tons of fun and hope to see them soon! Its nice to have family only three hours away.

Lindsey and Kelsey
Linds and I

Cute little Sadie

April Fools!

Today at work my friend Becky and I decided to pull a prank on one of our co-workers, Kim. I guess when she went to pick up her daughter, her daughter told her about it but she didn't believe her, she thought she was pulling a prank on her. Finally she pulled over and got out and went to check it out. The funny thing is... she's not single. I don't think she got a whole lot of hunks but oh well...