Friday, February 20, 2009

February 15

So I am a little late but Sunday was our 1 year Anniversary!!!! We celebrated it with Valentine's day. We decided this year that instead of giving each other gifts we would go and get massages! We called all the places here in Rexburg and they were all booked. So we found a lady in Idaho Falls that could do it at 10:30 and 11:00. The funny thing is her name is Shockte! We were a little surprised by the name and wondered what this lady was like. However her name didn't stop us, Matt and I were so excited! I have had one before but Matt hadn't. With Matt working physical labor and me going to school, we were looking forward to it! So Saturday rolled around and we headed to Idaho Falls. We arrived at her house with her weiner dog going crazy (I think little dogs can be cute but they can also be very annoying, the funny thing is she had a little bed in front of her big window in the living room for the dog, with steps going up to the dog's bed. Shockte told us she had to train the dog to use the strains, ha ha). Her house was very eclectic. Matt volunteered me to go first. Before we left we decided to make up little signs. If I came out of the bedroom with my arms folded, that meant she wasn't very good. If they were down to my sides, she was good. So she had this room set up just for massages. She had done a good job at decorating and setting the mood. But let me tell you, she had some pretty strong hands!!! The whole time she kepting talking to me, which is unusual because my last lady didn't say a word. So here I am trying to talk to Shockte and she is rubbing my neck which hurts but feels good at the same time. In the mean time I asked her what her husband and her were going to do for Valentines, well they are getting a divorce. So what do you say after that, "I am sorry." Her reply was that there is something in his brain that doesn't click or work right. Then she says, "I think all men have this problem!" I didn't know what to say to that! Sure men and women think differently, we are suppose to! Just think how crazy and emotional the world would be if they thought like us! I just kind of did a yep and changed the subject but she kept coming back to that! But she reassured me that she will remarry. I am so grateful that I have the gospel in my life and know that Heavenly Father loves men and women both and wouldn't leave out a wire in men's brain! Then Matt went for his massage. She did a good job at getting the knots out of his back. She told him to go and get tennis balls and to put them on the floor. Then lay on them, yeah I can just see my husband doing that! Ha Ha We asked her about her name. She said her mom is from Germany and her dad was in the military but her original name is Sandy. However she obvious didn't care for it so she decided to go with Shockte. As matt and I left, we joked and said how we are going to name our first child SHOCKTE! We think its got a nice ring to McKendrick, just kidding. We probably won't go back to her again since we are moving out of Idaho here soon but it felt nice and relaxing. Later that night we went to Stockmans, which is a steak house. Matt got a salmon and I got the famous steak, it was so delicious!
A couple days before, my brother Scott called and was wanting to come up for the weekend. He is currently attending BYU. So Sunday we went down to Blackfoot and brought him back to Rexburg. I think he was a little bored because all day he kept saying, "So what do you guys do on Sundays?" I forgot how being married is so much different then the single life. Being single you go and mingle with people next door or acroos the way, especially on Sundays. I told him we usually watch a Disney movie, take a nap, prepare our lesson, go to church, eat dinner, and read scriptures/have a thought. I think he was a little bored but it was good to be with him. On Monday we went sledding at the Sand Dunes, which was such a blast!!!! Scott one time went down the dune and off a jump, he was literally flying in the air! Then missing some bushes. I then took him to Poky Monday afternoon. He is such a funny boy, he is sure enjoying the college life and dating all the ladies. He told us, "I just can't get enough of those tennis girls! They are so hot to watch while playing tennis!" He plans to put in his mission papers here soon, I hope real soon! On Sunday (our anniversary) Matt and I watched our wedding video. It was such a happy day for the both of us. I wish we could go back and relive that day! It was so fun to be with family and share our joyous day. I will always remember the feelings I had that day and the love I had/have for Matt. My mom was a great help to me and getting ready for the big moment. I am grateful for temples and that we can be sealed forever. Oh and I won't forget about the luncheon we had at the Lion's House. The food was a delight and so were the speaches, yes Scott just be prepared for your wedding! We have been very blessed to go to all the places and do all the things that we have done our first year of marriage. Matt and I joked though, when Scott settles down, we are going to call him and his wife and see if we can come and celebrate their 1st anniversary together. No it was fun to be with family on our anniversary and grateful he came up, we had a good time with him!