Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Paris continued...

We saw this old car and it only gets better....
Someone really loves and cares about this car, so much that they use a club to prevent anyone from stealing it! In reality Matt says it would only delay them a few seconds from stealing it! Ha Ha
Matt learning to knitt! First his grandmother tired to teach me and Matt was teasing me, so I challenge him to try! That was a mistake, he was better than me! I am glad someone will be able to knit our kids some socks! Aunt Rita helping. (Notice where Matt has the string/yarn, in his mouth!!!)
We all got a good laugh watching him!

More of Paris!

Matt is savoring every bite!
Mouse dessert that was to die for!
Arc De Triomph
The stairs we climbed to get to the top!

New York City

Statue of Liberty

Us in Central Park
New York City Temple!

More of Europe!

This is in Aalen where Matt's relatives live.
I thought this was very creative!

Entrance of the Castle!
Matt and I by the entrance of the son's castle

This is the son's castle he decided to build
it on top of a hill overlooking his daddy's castle. The son's castle is twice as big and bad.
This is the father's castle
Overlooking the Alps!
Norte Dame at night!