Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two Years!

On Monday, Feb. 15, we celebrated our second anniversary. Matt and I decided every year we would switch off. So I agreed to take on this year. I was searching and searching for an idea that would blow Matt out of the water. I finally found some Buddy Guy and BB King tickets on The tickets were $130 each and I personally am not a huge fan of them both but I knew Matt would enjoy seeing them. However the day after I purchased them, Matt made the comment that he wouldn't pay a whole lot of money to go see anyone in concert here in KC. Well as you can imagine, my wheels started turning. I decided to break the news to him and really find out if he wanted to see them. Needless to say we sold them days later. I was frustrated and a little ticked with him. So I told him he could plan our anniversary. So he did and sure surprised me! We first went and played volleyball with the elders and women from the Olathe stake. Afterwards he gave me two choices to eat; 5 Guys Burger and Fries or Stix. We hadn't been to either. We headed to 5 Guys Burger and Fries. I laughed at first but we wanted to see what all the uproar was about this place. Matt and I would have to rate it an 8 out of 10. The french fries were from Shelley, Idaho though we smiled when we saw that, only Shelley, Idaho. You could taste the potato in the french fries and the hamburger was good but not amazing. After having dinner Matt pretended to miss the freeway and take this side road which led to the Chateau Avalon by Legends, which is a themed room hotel. I was really shocked. We checked into the Egyptian Palace.

This took my breath away as I walked into the bedroom. Matt had made prior arrangements with the hotel to put rose pedals all over the bed with one single rose. Cute, huh?!

This tub was so relaxing! Someday Matt and I would like to have one of these in our home. All day I kept flashing back to our wedding and remembering all the tender moments with family and friends. It was the best day of my life and am grateful Matt choose me to be his eternal companion. I am one lucky girl! Next day we did a little shopping. I think I have found my new favorite store, Banana Republic Outlet.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My new love...

Matt's aunt Rita from Germany, was so kind to remember my birthday that she sent me some extra mula. I've been wanting to paint or make some curtains for our aptarment for awhile. Needless to say I was thrilled when I received her gift in the mail!!! I owe all the credit to my mother. I picked out the style and the fabric while she basically sewed them up while I "supervised." I enjoyed making them with her, we laughed and created memories. It's amazing what a little fabric can do to a place. The curtains brighten up the room and make it look more homier. I also love red, I think its so bright and cheery which is needed right now in our lives, we are so sick of the snow!!! Matt and I always joke and say that snow is one of the many reasons we were excited to leave Idaho.

Katie's Birthday

For Katie's birthday we went to an authentic mexican restaurant called Mi Ranchito. Afterwards we came home and had a yummy mint chocolate ice cream cake made by my mom!

The employees sang Happy Birthday (hopefully it was a Happy Birthday song) to Katie in spanish and made her wear this blue sombrero hat. It was pretty hilarious. We all had to try on the hat afterwards.