Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Winter Quarters Temple

July 22, we drove up to Omaha, NE to attend the Winter Quarters Temple on Saturday. We enjoyed eating out, attending the temple, and seeing a play. The play was about when the saints came to Kainsville before they headed out west. The pictures below are at the Vistors Center right by the temple. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture of the temple. I love attending the temple and performing ordiances for those who have passed away. While driving home, it occured to me that words can't describe the beauty of being in the celestial with Matt (and my parents) and being so incandescently happy. No car, house, or material item brings greater joy than being in the temple with the ones you love. Wish Christa and Michael could have come as well as Kate. What a great day it will be when all of us can be there together. Oh by the way Scott comes home in 4 months! My mom got to talk to him on the phone yesterday! His companion needed some money so Scott called my mom asking for some. He is doing really good and working hard.

My mom always looking so stylish.

Sarah's Diving

Sarah did diving again this summer and did AWESOME! I wish I could do half the dives and flips she can. We went swimming a couple of weeks ago at our neigbors and she was trying to teach me how to do a back dive off the diving board. She would stand in front of me and put her hands on my waist and say, "Now Nick, just fall back. It's easy!" I just couldn't do it with her standing there. Here a fourteen year old is trying to help her twenty-four sister on the diving board. Needless to say I was providing entertainment for everyone.