Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Newest Addition to the Family

So after many months of Matt searching and searching we found the one! The car is a Mazda 6, the grand touring! We sold my little red car back in August, who we named Vuna. We put it one craigslist on Wednesday evening around 6:30 p.m. and it was sold by 7:30 p.m. So Matt has been busing me around and hasn't complained once. I've decided you can make it work with one car, it just requires alot of communication and patience. When we first got married, Matt taught me a very valuable lesson, "If we don't have the money for it, we don't need it!" So we have really tired hard to live by that principle. We've been socking our money away and eating beans and rice for dinner, just kidding. We really liked this model but everytime Matt would go to the auctions, some other dealers would out bid him. Matt found this car in Florida on a Wednesday and bought it. Then the following Tuesday surprised me with it by picking me up from work in it. I was shocked he was able to keep it a secret from me for that long! It was like my night in shinning armor galloping on a black horse, except it this car! I was literally jumping for joy! When I got in the car the first thing I said was, "Is this ours?" "He replied with, "Yes Nicci this is ours, I wouldn't be pulling your chain!" It has leather seats, push button start (which is really amazing, I just have to have the control in my pocket, push the button, and tadah it starts), blind spot monitoring, and many other fascinating features. I need to thank our Heavenly Father because I strongly believe he had a hand in this, I am so grateful for it. Don't ya think Matt deserves the husband of the year award?

Jared Coones 5k Run

Every year, our community does a 5k in remembrance of a little boy who died of cancer. His mom also died of breast cancer. This is the twelfth year! There was a total of 3,500 people who either ran or walked the race. Christa had the great idea of doing it but hurt her foot earlier this week. Here is my friend Liz and I right before the race. We were the first wave of runners.

Sarah's 14th Birthday!

On the second of October, Sarah turned the big 14! I remember when I was fourteen and how excited I was to attend the Stake Dances. Sarah's first dance is coming up and she says she's going to turn the dances around and get everyone to dance! We've given her a heads up on they youth now of days just stand around and talk and the girls typically ask the guys. I don't know, hopefully times have changed. So Matt and I kidnapped her and took her to breakfast at I-Hop! Matt ordered pancakes and hashbrowns. Sarah had twelve girls over later that night and we played Minute to Win it games! It was really fun! My mom typically makes us a home made cakes for our birthdays, well this year Sarah asked for a chocolate Costco cake (which surprised my mom, because what child wouldn't kill for a home made cake)! Sarah and I both got crepes with fruit. I love you Sarah and hope you have a wonderful year!