Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm 24!!

Friday, January 14th I turned the big whoppin 24. The kids are work sang Happy Birthday to me and then asked me where the cake was...oops! I told them it was at my mom's house and they asked if they could go to my mom's house! They were really wanting some cake! Sarah then came and brought me roses at work. After work I beat Matt home and saw a present on the kitchen counter. When he got home I opened it and saw a TREK manual and thought "Wow what am I going to do with this?" He then walks out of the bathroom with the bike! He had it hidden in the shower! I was really shocked and excited! Kansas has great trails to ride on in the summer time. Now we can both go together or when I want to ride with my mom, I won't have to borrow Matt's bike. We then went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse, I love to get the steak and mashed potatoes, plain. Afterwards we went back to the Tietjen's for cake and presents. My mom makes my favorite strawberry cake! When she cut the cake she put a big chunk of a chocolate bar. The best part too is she does these chocolate curls on top of the cake!

Matt even put a cream bow on the front... how cute is that!

Christmas 2010

This Christmas, just the girls, we went to see the famous New York Rockettes! It was so fun! I was amazed at how high they can kick their legs and their dances. One performance they were dressed up as soldiers and slowly did a domino effect. Then Christmas Eve we went over to the McKendrick's house and had a wonderful dinner. Sadly I didn't take any pictures. Christmas we spent over at the Tietjen's house.
My dad got this Utah Jazz belt buckle for his birthday so we gave him the Utah Jazz Jacket. He was pretty thrilled.

Matt got a tool kit.

My dad got a bike trainer, which everyone had to test out, even the Elders. The four Elders came over and had breakfast with us. My mom makes a quiche every Christmas morning, I love it!!! We then did a white elephant gift with the Elders. My mom tired to give away my grandparents old typewriter that they inherited when my grandparents died. My dad however wasn't able to depart from it yet!

After being married for almost three years, I got my first set of scriptures with my name on the front. Matt is such a good gift giver (say that three times).

The girls and the clothes we gave them.