Sunday, March 4, 2012

Surprise in September!

Yep, we are expecting! We are really excited! I'm due the end of September. Hopefully we will have a mild summer or we will be hitting up the pools. We told Matt's parents on Saturday 2/11. We found these cute magnetic frames that say, "Grandma Loves Me." Then we put in a sticky note that says, "Baby coming in September 2012!" Christa read it and jumped up and hugged me then Matt. Michael read it and thought for a couple of seconds and said, "Oh you are going to have a baby." We told my family the next day. As you can see from the pictures, they were very surprised too! Sarah told my mom earlier that week, "I give up, I don't think Matt and Nicci are ever going to have a baby." My mom was very excited and my dad I think he was surprised too. Sarah couldn't believe it then she realized the baby is going to come over and in her words, "It's going to poop and cry alot." My mom replied, "Oh Sarah you are going to love the baby no matter what."

So far I have felt great! I haven't missed a day of work. I have only been sick in the morning twice. I do have to eat every so often or I feel a little nauseous. We got to hear the heart beat on Tuesday, March 6th which was pretty much amazing. The nurse practitioner said that sometimes we can't hear the heart beat so they will end up doing a sonogram. However right away we could hear the heartbeat, which was 140. On Thursday I hit 12 weeks!