Saturday, October 27, 2012

Megan Nichole McKendrick

Megan was born September 28, 2012 at 3:07 a.m.  Megan was originally due Sept. 19, 2012. So my doctor scheduled me to come in Thursday, the 27th to check me in and then start me bright and early Friday morning at 5:00 a.m.  So I worked Thursday and Matt and I went to TX Roadhouse before checking in.  I was feeling a little bit nervous but anxious and excited to meet our little girl.  8:00 p.m. rolled around and a nurse was hooking me up and putting needles/IV to my arms.  Matt and I both agreed that he would stay with me until I was comfortable and ready to go to sleep and then he would head home to and come back in the morning for the big day.  The first nurse (I think her name was Mary), said I was not dilated to a 3 yet, which I was blown away with since at my last doctor visit I was at a 3. She also told me to be prepared for a long day of labor and I would probably have her at 6:00 p.m. on Friday.  I next received a cervidil for my cervix around 9:00 p.m..  The nurse informed me after 2 hours I could eat something.  After a half hour I started experiencing some intense pain.  Before the nurse left she stated that I would start to feel some pain.  I was shaking and feeling cold.  Matt kept asking me if I was okay and I just kept counting down the time until we could remove the cervidil.  I received a new nurse due to shift changes and at 11:00 the nurse saw how much pain I was in and checked me and informed me I was having contractions and I was at a 5! I kept thinking, "I wonder what contractions feel like, because whatever I am feeling is painful."  Matt gave me a hard time and was joking with me saying, "Nicci you were having contractions, why didn't you tell us that you were in that much pain!"  In my defense, I never felt I contraction so I didn't know what they were like and the nurse said I would be experiencing pain due to the cervidil so I thought it was related to that.  The nurse then informed us that we were going to be having a baby before she got off work at 6:00 a.m.  Matt and I looked at each other and I told me he wouldn't be going home to get some sleep. I was also wanting to go to sleep and try to get some rest before the big day.  The second nurse (Jessica) was great!  She saw how much pain I was in and got me the epidural by 12:45 p.m. Women who chose not to get the epidural are crazy!  I was on cloud nine afterwards. I've never felt so relaxed.  Jessica then called the on call doctor who is the head of the practice, Dr. Bishop.   She then informed us that if we want anyone in the delivery room, now is the time to call.  So around 1:30 a.m. Matt called Christa and my mom.  When Christa heard, she questioned Matt, "It's time for what?"  Matt replied, "Nicci is at a 10 and the baby will be here soon!"  Matt woke up my mom and she threw some clothes on and rushed out the door.  Laurie arrived first, followed by Christa at 2:00 a.m.  The doctor got me started at 3:00 a.m. and after 4 pushes she was here at 3:07 a.m.  Megan came out with her hand resting on her cheek. It was a wonderful delivery and great experience.  She weighed 8 pounds 3.5 ounces. 

The first week home was HARD! Matt and I joked and said we wanted to go back to the hospital.  While I was there, I would send her to the nursery at night to bond with the other babies.  I was so exhausted after working and then giving birth.  She had her days and nights mixed up.  Matt and I would do shifts. I would got to sleep for a couple of hours and then Matt would trade me.  After that week, it's gotten so much better. Last night she fell asleep around 11:00 p.m. and woke up at 4:00 a.m. to eat!  

Matt is a wonderful dad.  He gets up with me during the night, changes her diapers, and is very protective over her.  I guess it's different when it's a man's own child.  After a couple of days, on the way home from school he stopped at H&M and bought her a cute pink sweater, cute jeans, and white smurf shoes.  I'll post pictures.  What a sweet dad! He wants his girl to be stylish.  Megan loves her baths and is really a good baby which is a blessing!  We can't imagine our life without her and love every moment with her.  

Funny story- My sister Katie is here from Idaho Falls.  She made delicious chocolate chip cookies the other night. I had just gotten done feeding Megan and Matt was holding her.  Matt was talking to Megan and said, "Megan I wish you could have one of these cookies and dip it in your milk!"  Megan than stuck her tongue out like she was saying "Oh yummy that sounds good!"   
 Megan's first time going to Church.
 Megan after her first bath.  I love this picture.
 Megan and Matt during tummy time.
 Megan at the hospital.

Here is Megan with her friend Sam who was born a week after Megan.  Here are the jeans and pink sweater I mentioned Matt bought at H&M.  Maybe she should be a baby model for them with her cute cheeks and big ol' belly.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Still pregnant

Yes, I'm still pregnant. My due date was Wednesday, September 19 and today is the 23rd. I thought for sure she would be here since we moved and I've be going up and down stairs but no she has decided to stay in there for a little longer and bake. Friday we went to the doctor, Parul Nguyen, and she said I was definitely dilated to a 3. Also I am effaced 75 to 80 percent!  I was overly excited to hear this since the last two weeks I was barely a 2 and hadn't made much progress.  I asked her how much she thinks this little girl is going to weigh and she said around the lower eights.  I made it clear to her that I don't want an nine pound baby.  I was in the sevens and Matt was in the sixs. I also love my doctor.  Every appointment she checks the heart beat, smiles and sighs.  This in turn makes me smile.  I told her she had to have the greatest job.  She in turn agreed and said that there is nothing more precious than having a newborn baby snuggle right up to you (acting this out while stating the fact).  In the mean time I start to tear up and Matt just rolls his eyes.  She also said she gets to send the baby home and get plenty of sleep.  Ha Ha, I guess that is true.  After checking me on Friday, I sat straight up and the doctor said, "Look at you still using your ab muscles."  She sure knows how to make a pregnant women feel good.  Matt just kind of chuckled because I guess I was beaming after she said that.
Matt started school at UMKC in August. Hes knocking out the pre-dental classes.  After the first couple of days of school he came home and laughed and said, "It sure isn't BYU."  He says everyone comes to class in the morning with their coffee and complains if the don't, "I didn't get my coffee this morning, ugh I'm so tired."  It's amazing how people think they need their coffee to get them going.  He has a teacher from Bulgaria and one from the middle east. Matt can do their accents pretty well and a die laughing each time.  I helped him study for a biology test the other night and let's just say I'm glad its him and not me.  Science was never my strong subject in school.  He is doing well and excels in math and science- which I dreaded.
We decided to move to a two bedroom/two bathroom apt.  When we went to the office, they told us there was one available in the same apt. building we were living in so we jumped on it.  Matt wanted to move into it before the baby came which at the time I was dreading the idea of moving and being 39 weeks pregnant but it all worked out.  We painted her room pink and the hall/kitchen/dinning room/living room a brownish/tanish.  Thanks to Matt, Christa and my mom it looks really good!  The paint makes the white doors and crown molding pop!  We are getting settled and getting all her stuff ready to go.  I also love living on the first floor.
One funny story is Matt and I were at Walmart on a Friday night- I know lame.  I was in the frozen area looking at orange juice.  I sometimes have these weird carvings for orange juice.  This couple, in their 40s walks down the isle and says, "The ice-cream is on the opposite side."  I laugh and said, "Yes I know, I've been eating that too."  By this time Matt joins me and is wondering if I know these people or what.  So they asked me when I'm due, which at that point was Wednesday.  They ask me where I'm going to deliver and what we are going to name her name- short talk.  So eventually we say, "Well have a good evening."  You know that point in conversation where you like lets move on.  Next the guy asks me, "Well are you going to get the epidural?"  I inform him yes. He then starts going on about a story with his first wife (I'm thinking how many wives have you had) and how it wasn't that painful once she received the epidural.  Then he looks at the women he is living with and looks at her to agree with him.  He then states it's better to get the epidural during the day compared to at night because the anesthesiologist are way better during the day.  So this conversation went on for probably five minutes and he did most of the talking!  Matt and I finally said our goodbyes after trying to break away two or three times before.  We died laughing when we got in the car. 
I just keep looking at my body thinking, "Will it ever be normal again?" Friday night at dinner I was able to balance my glass cup on my belly.  Matt thought that was pretty stinkin hilarious.  It's a pain to bend over, when I walk I feel like I walk the speed of an 98 year old woman.  Matt says I'm not wadling like a penguin yet so I'm grateful for that.  Matt is always head of me when at the mall or at the grocery stores.  I had this horrible dream that we were at the hospital and while walking down the hallway, her arm started coming out and I could see it!  I'm still working and on Friday my co-workers started to question if I'm really am pregnant or maybe she is going to graduate highschool in my belly.  Ha Ha, I don't think so. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Reunion and Katie's wedding

 July 25, Matt and I flew in SLC. We first went to Brett and Whitney Royer's home and then drove down to Orem for a Royer family BBQ.  It was really fun to see all the Royers.  Thurs- we went up in the mountains near Highland/Alpine area and had a picnic.  My uncles brought up canoes.  Needless to say,  there weren't to many of us that were dry at the end of the day.  One funny story is my dad was sitting in the canoe and my mom starts to get in.  Instead of stooping down, she walks across the canoe and ends up tipping the canoe over!  All before this happened, my mom said to my uncles, "Marty doesn't want to get wet." Oops! Thursday night was family skit night.  Each family comes up with a skit and performs.  The Tietjens did Will Rogers Follies.  Friday we headed up to Idaho Falls for Katie to receive her endowments. We first met up with Justina and Curtis at Stockmans (Matt's favorite restaurant in Idaho).  It was fun to catch up with them.  We miss living close to them.  Then we raced over to the temple.  I've done baptisms but never a session. It was beautiful and the spirit was so strong. Later we caught up Shar and Doug Bitter.  Shar and I were roommates for one semester at BYU-Idaho.  Rooming with her was one of my best semesters.  She is due two days after I am with her third boy! Saturday was the big day!  Katie was a beautiful bride.  She had a luncheon for all the family and friends, then the ceremony, and then a reception that night.  I'm so mad at myself for not bringing my camera. Sunday- we drove back to SLC and had an hour before we had to get to the airport.  We decided to stop and walk the grounds at the temple.  Boy the flowers were breath taking!  I love the SLC Temple.  Enjoy the pictures below.  I am 32 weeks pregnant!