Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Watch out Peru!

Monday Scott flew out to Utah to enter the MTC today! So weird to think he will be gone for two whole years! We know he will be a great missionay and will bring alot of souls happy as they come unto Christ. There was not a dry eye (well except for Matt) after he hugged us all and said goodbye. One thing Scott said to me was "Don't have any kids while I'm gone." It will be interesting to see how our family changes in two years. I admire his courage to live in a third world country. I couldn't do it.

Matt's Birthday

Matt's Birthday was on the 22nd of November. He now can drive a Budget truck without paying $100. Christa had us over for dinner and I said I would bring the cake. Matt said he wanted white on white. Weeks before I decided to make him a guitar cake. So I researched it and went on to youtube and watched the video of this TV woman making this guitar cake. Afterwards I thought, piece of cake! Wow afterwards, now I know why so many wives/moms go to the bakery and order a cake! Matt kept saying, "I really don't have to have a guitar cake, just a cake will do." Nope I was going to do it. Overall I hope he had an awesome day. I am so grateful for him. He makes me laugh and is so kind to me. One thing that I appreciate about Matt is he is the brains of our marriage. He is taking some bio classes and occasionally I quiz him, the material just goes right over my head. Oh I just have to brag about this one thing. I came home from work one day and he had dinner going with laundry started. WOW!! It made my day. I am so grateful for him. Love you babe.

(Sorry this pictures are random, I had a hard time putting them in order)

Matt's aunt was here from Germany and asked for a live performance. Isn't he amazing??!!! He doesn't read music just goes by listening to it and from memory.


Christa, Rita, Rachel, eight other women from church, and I went to the midnight showing of New Moon. First we saw Twilight at 9:00 while others waited outside in the cold and then waited. It was so fun and worth it. I think the second one is ten times better than the first one. Everytime Edward or Jacob would come up the audience went wild. I can't wait for the third one in June!!!!!


Back in October we went with Scott to take out his endowments in the Nauvoo temple. Matt and I went up the night before and stayed with Christa in a cute little hotel room across from the temple. Then my parents came up with Scott the next day. I LOVE the Nauvoo Temple!!!!! Everything about it is just beautiful, words can not describe it. It was so nice to get away and go to the house of the Lord.

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Sweet Grandma

On September 25, 2009 on Grandma passed away. It happen very fast and unexpectedly. I was very close to my grandmother and am glad that I was able to attend school near her. I know she is happy and with my grandpa. I am so grateful for Heavenly Father's great eternal plan and I know I will see her again.

Here is my grandpa's headstone.

Here is my dad with my cousin Travis.

Katie and I at the burial.

My beautiful sisters and I.

My grandmother had been working on this for a surprise graduation gift for me. She had talked to my mother and said, "Don't tell Nicci because I want it to be a surprise." I think something inside of her knew that she was going to pass because weeks before she had told a friend that she had to get it done! These are the flowers (I have been wanting to do something with them anyway) from my wedding and the Salt Lake temple is when her and my grandpa were sealed in the Salt Lake temple along with my father. She went to the craft store and picked out the shadow box along with the satin at the bottom. On the little card it says, "Matthew and Nicole, Married on Feburary 15, 2008 in the Salt Lake Temple." When we arrived to her house from traveling all the way from Kansas and I saw it and couldn't believe she had done this. The gift really touched me and made miss her more. I love it and wish I could have told her in person how much it means to me. I will always cherish it. Matt wasn't to thrilled to have dead flowers in the house, oh well.

Eddie Money is in the house!!

Yes we're living in the past. Eddie Money, need more be said. Matt and I were looking for some entertainment Friday night and we came upon a free concert at Crown Center. When it's free it sounds a lot better than it really is. There was only two songs we really knew, "Take Me Home Tonight," and "Two Tickets to Paradise." It was fun to see some of the 80's in 2009.

Then I just have to add this little side note because I am so proud of my father. My father, mother, Sarah, and I all ran a 5k in September. All of us made the goal to do it weeks before and "trained." It felt good to finish and accomplish a goal. My father has quit drinking pop and has started exercising. He has lost quite a bit of weight. Yeah!!!


It has been awhile since I last posted but here is what is going on in our world...

Matt just finished his application for the KU nursing program. It was this big ordeal where he had to write essays on why he wants to be a nurse and some of his qualifications. He then had to get three letter of reccomendations to include in his application. I am so proud of him for getting it done while working and going to school. It was due this month and we will find out in Feburary. We both can't believe we won't find out until Feburary to see if he gets in or not. In the meantime he plans to apply to other colleges in the area. Matt quit doing banquets because we never saw he each other and is currently working for his parents selling used cars. It has been quite the adventure for me. Orginally he bought me a Nessian Maxima 2000 however found someone that was interested in it and made a good profit from it. Then he went to the sale and got a killer deal on an Infinti G20 I love it! It has leather seats, sun roof, and seat warmers which is so nice to have with the weather getting cooler.

I stayed where I did my internship as a preschool teacher. I am really enjoying and love working with that age group. A funny story is one day this little boy's parents asked him who worked with him that day and he replied, "Jicole." They were thinking, "Jicole? Oh does she have blue eyes and blonde hair?" He smiled and said, "Yes." So now whenever his parents see me they call me Jicole (I came home and told Matt and we both agreed it sounds like an African American name). Most of the children are so loving and one little boy will come up and say, "Mrs. Nichole, I love you."

Children love to learn and are so inquiste about the world around them. This past week we were talking about acorns and squirrels. So on Friday I brought in an acorn and had the children use a magnifying glass to see it up close. Then I went around and asked them what they thought was in the acorn. Some of them said a nut, or a dinosaur egg!!! Then one little boy pipped up and said "Well lets find out!" So I got out a hammer and let the children take turns on taking a wak at the acorn! One little boy laughed and giggled each time someone hit the acorn. When we got done to the nut part, one little boy shouts out, "It's A Peanut!" This of course cracked me up! Days like these I just love my job.

Being close to family has been really fun! In a couple of weeks we will be going to Nauvoo with our families to be with Scott as he takes out his endowments. It will be a glorious day when Katie and Sarah make sacred coventants too. I recently got a calling to be the CTR 6 teacher and Matt got called to be the Priest Quorum Advisor.

Another day we are looking forward to is when our Aunt Rita comes all the way from Germany! She is coming in November and will be staying for about two weeks. We wish the rest of the family was coming.
Oh and I can't forget to acknowledge what movie is coming out in November.... NEW MOON! My mother-in-law (also pictured with Rita) got us midnight showing tickets!!! I am so excited. Both Christa and I are excited to see Robert!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Scott's Mission Call!!!

My brother Scott received his mission call yesterday! He is going to serve the people in Piura, Peru!!!!! We are so excited for him. He is currently in Alabama selling security systems so he opened it there. My family, Matt's family, and us were all crowed around a computer so we could see him on skype! He leaves December 2! Matt and I are doing well, we move into our place on Saturday so we are thrilled about that.

Friday, April 17, 2009


My mother-in-law, brought up the movie Twilight when she was here and we watched it and of course I have my mother's disease, I feel asleep during it. Well she then left me the book and I have become infatuated with it! I read the first book in two days, then I got the second from the library, and read that in two days and now I am on the third book eclipse. When they first came out, I didn't know why everyone was obsessing over them but now I can see why. I have watched the movie all the way through and think Edward is so good-looking and mysterious! The second book was a struggle because Edward went away. I told my mother about my newest obsession and she wanted to know if I was still fixing Matt lunch and dinner, so don't worry I haven't let our marriage go down the drain. We are moving next week and I have almost all the packing done and I figure its better then me out spending poor Matt's hard earn money. Every time Bella is with Jacob, I just want her to leave that boy alone and stick to Edward. I plan to have the 3rd book done by Wednesday so I can return it to the library. The books are so good!!!! I can't wait for the 2nd movie to come out in November. Is there anyone else that loves this series?


Friday, April 10, 2009 was graduation. Our family came up Thursday. It was so fun to have them here. Scott was down at Provo and had class so he was unable to make it. Katie is taking some tough class this year and felt like she couldn't miss school. Commencement was at 9 a.m. and then the receiving of the diplomas was at 11:00. It feels so good to be done. In a way I am going to miss BYU-ID but glad to be finished with tests, finals, and projects. I think I will miss the learning aspect. It was great to have the newest apostle there, Elder Neil L. Andersen as our guest speaker. President Clark addressed us to stay close to our Heavenly Father, serve, and to not get caught up in the world. Then Elder Andersen, referred to Wisdom. He also disussed turning our hearts to the Lord and not to the World. It was such a wonderful day! I am so grateful for my family, Matt's family, and escpecially Matt's support. I couldn't have done it without them. (Sarah, I am sorry I don't have any pictures with you, they must be on Christa's or mom's camera.)

My cap was driving me nuts all day. I felt like my hair was being killed by it. Matt was a real sweet heart and gave me these beautiful pearl necklace and earrings for my graduation gift.
This gown made me look like a large marge!

Some fun girls I had some classes with and gott to really know!

Friday, March 27, 2009

An Amazing Week!!!

So Monday Night our ward had Family Home Evening with President and Sister Clark. It was more of a question and answer session. We just happen to move in to the right wards. Last year we were able to have Family Home Evening with them in our old ward and then in this new ward. It was really good!
Then Wednesday night was Grad Night with President and Sister Clark. Sister Clark spoke first and then President Clark. They both did an excellent job. She discussed some people having fear and some people are just ready to hit the world hard after they graduate. I have been a little fearful because I always thought I would get pregnant and be a stay at home mom, but that is not what Heavenly Father has in store for us right now. No more school but hitting the workforce, kind of scary. I plan to work so I can help Matt get through school when he applies to KU. But Sister Clark read 1 Nephi 22: 25 which states, "And he gathereth his children from the four quarters of the earth; and he numbereth his sheep, and they know him; and there shall be one fold and one shepherd; and he shall feed his sheep, and in him they shall find pasture." Heavenly Father knows your name and my name. He has a plan for me! It might be a different plan than what I am imagining but he will guide Matt and I. Just from that scripture I gain greater confidence, hope, faith, and strength. President Clark also talked about holding onto the Iron Rod by reading our scriptures, going to the temple, having Family Home Evening, and many other important principles. Then he discussed whirlwinds of dust and mists of darkness and how it is so important to grasp the iron rod. Then he told us to beware of the inner circle of people in the work force. They might or believe they have power. He said within ourselves we will see a change and start seeing work, hobbies, and extra curriculum activities are more important then family. I hope Matt and I can always remember family comes first. We will have darkness in this world, but President Clark remarked how that as darkness increase their will be more light in this world. I strongly believe that, look at the gospel spreading and temples being built! Students at Brigham Young University-Idaho will be a light unto the world and employees will wonder where they came from. President Clark said something to the effect of how wonderful it has been to live in "Zion." I am grateful for this University, and for the power it has had on my life. I am grateful that I could receive secular knowledge as well as gospel knowledge here. I know the Lord will bless us!

Then today I had the promoting to go to the temple this morning. I didn't have any assignments or projects due so I did and it was amazing! I love the Rexburg Temple, it is so beautiful. I love the feeling I get everytime I go, the spirit! I can't wait for our family to come and hopefully we can go! Then later today, I got an e-mail from a lady in KS telling me she received my resume and wants to interview me!!! The Lord truly does bless you when you listen and follow the promptings of the Lord. Only 2 more weeks till graduation!!!! Whoot Whoot!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Erin's Birthday and the New Do

Erin's birthday was awhile ago and her husband Devin, threw her a surprise birthday party! Erin and I are both from the Kansas City area. We have gotten to know each other through stake dances, girl's camp, and fun sleep-overs! We then decided to live together when we found out we were both coming to Brigham Young University-Idaho! I think we lived together for 8 semesters! I have many fun and adventurous memories living with Erin. Our apt. days came to an end when we decided to get married, which was perfect because we got engaged and married around the same time! I am glad I didn't have to room with anyone else! Erin continues to be a great example to me and I am grateful for her friendship.

These girls (Shar and Jenny) were our other two roommates of fall 2006 semester! We also roomed with Heather and Katie however they are currently on missions. I think that was the best semester! We had so much fun together! We each took turns cooking 1 night a week! They are amazing cooks! Another found memory is each of us getting a date and having Chinese night! Our apt. was decorated with Chinese decorations. We had Chinese food for dinner with chopsticks while setting on the floor and watching Freaky Friday (which related to our Chinese night).
Shar and I. Shar just recently had a cute little boy while I was pretending to be prego at the time with her.

My neighbor cut my hair and she did an excellent job! I love it! Short hair is so much eaiser to do!

Friday, February 20, 2009

February 15

So I am a little late but Sunday was our 1 year Anniversary!!!! We celebrated it with Valentine's day. We decided this year that instead of giving each other gifts we would go and get massages! We called all the places here in Rexburg and they were all booked. So we found a lady in Idaho Falls that could do it at 10:30 and 11:00. The funny thing is her name is Shockte! We were a little surprised by the name and wondered what this lady was like. However her name didn't stop us, Matt and I were so excited! I have had one before but Matt hadn't. With Matt working physical labor and me going to school, we were looking forward to it! So Saturday rolled around and we headed to Idaho Falls. We arrived at her house with her weiner dog going crazy (I think little dogs can be cute but they can also be very annoying, the funny thing is she had a little bed in front of her big window in the living room for the dog, with steps going up to the dog's bed. Shockte told us she had to train the dog to use the strains, ha ha). Her house was very eclectic. Matt volunteered me to go first. Before we left we decided to make up little signs. If I came out of the bedroom with my arms folded, that meant she wasn't very good. If they were down to my sides, she was good. So she had this room set up just for massages. She had done a good job at decorating and setting the mood. But let me tell you, she had some pretty strong hands!!! The whole time she kepting talking to me, which is unusual because my last lady didn't say a word. So here I am trying to talk to Shockte and she is rubbing my neck which hurts but feels good at the same time. In the mean time I asked her what her husband and her were going to do for Valentines, well they are getting a divorce. So what do you say after that, "I am sorry." Her reply was that there is something in his brain that doesn't click or work right. Then she says, "I think all men have this problem!" I didn't know what to say to that! Sure men and women think differently, we are suppose to! Just think how crazy and emotional the world would be if they thought like us! I just kind of did a yep and changed the subject but she kept coming back to that! But she reassured me that she will remarry. I am so grateful that I have the gospel in my life and know that Heavenly Father loves men and women both and wouldn't leave out a wire in men's brain! Then Matt went for his massage. She did a good job at getting the knots out of his back. She told him to go and get tennis balls and to put them on the floor. Then lay on them, yeah I can just see my husband doing that! Ha Ha We asked her about her name. She said her mom is from Germany and her dad was in the military but her original name is Sandy. However she obvious didn't care for it so she decided to go with Shockte. As matt and I left, we joked and said how we are going to name our first child SHOCKTE! We think its got a nice ring to McKendrick, just kidding. We probably won't go back to her again since we are moving out of Idaho here soon but it felt nice and relaxing. Later that night we went to Stockmans, which is a steak house. Matt got a salmon and I got the famous steak, it was so delicious!
A couple days before, my brother Scott called and was wanting to come up for the weekend. He is currently attending BYU. So Sunday we went down to Blackfoot and brought him back to Rexburg. I think he was a little bored because all day he kept saying, "So what do you guys do on Sundays?" I forgot how being married is so much different then the single life. Being single you go and mingle with people next door or acroos the way, especially on Sundays. I told him we usually watch a Disney movie, take a nap, prepare our lesson, go to church, eat dinner, and read scriptures/have a thought. I think he was a little bored but it was good to be with him. On Monday we went sledding at the Sand Dunes, which was such a blast!!!! Scott one time went down the dune and off a jump, he was literally flying in the air! Then missing some bushes. I then took him to Poky Monday afternoon. He is such a funny boy, he is sure enjoying the college life and dating all the ladies. He told us, "I just can't get enough of those tennis girls! They are so hot to watch while playing tennis!" He plans to put in his mission papers here soon, I hope real soon! On Sunday (our anniversary) Matt and I watched our wedding video. It was such a happy day for the both of us. I wish we could go back and relive that day! It was so fun to be with family and share our joyous day. I will always remember the feelings I had that day and the love I had/have for Matt. My mom was a great help to me and getting ready for the big moment. I am grateful for temples and that we can be sealed forever. Oh and I won't forget about the luncheon we had at the Lion's House. The food was a delight and so were the speaches, yes Scott just be prepared for your wedding! We have been very blessed to go to all the places and do all the things that we have done our first year of marriage. Matt and I joked though, when Scott settles down, we are going to call him and his wife and see if we can come and celebrate their 1st anniversary together. No it was fun to be with family on our anniversary and grateful he came up, we had a good time with him!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cross Country Ski trip

So I figure since Matt and I are living in snow country I might as well take advantage of it. The school offers so many activities to do in the snow and one of them is cross country skiing. When my family and I lived in Pocatello, Idaho my mom would take Scott and I skiing every once in awhile and in elementary school I went cross country skiing too. So I decided to try it once again. I got one of my good friends Justina to go with me. We went up by Targhee at a place called Harriman. We had a BLAST! It was so fun (a workout let me tell ya, I am also a pro now at getting up after falling)! There was so much snow!!! It was so nice to be out in nature, we saw moose, and ducks. It was so nice to get away and realize how grateful I am for Heavenly Father's beautiful creations. The trees were covered in snow, it looked like a winter wonderland. It was also fun to have some girl time.

Matt totally cracked up when he saw me in my sexy ski bibs, I know I look like a dork but hey they kept me warm and from getting wet!

My Birthday

So I am a little late but January 14 was my birthday. I turned 22. I can't believe I am that old. It just feels like yesterday I was getting my divers license. Matt was really sweet, he got up made me a fruit smoothie and blueberry muffins. He then was so excited about my presents he made me open them before he had to go to work and I had to go to school. I received a cute sweater and an exercise ball with a workout dvd. Christa and Michael were kind and gave me a fun winter skirt with a sweater. My family gave me a belt with a cute blue jacket. My sisters were sweet and gave me fun Valentine Place Mats with hearts on it. Then when Matt got off work we went to Applebee's for dinner. We had to rush a little bit because I have a 7-10:00 (I know shoot me!) class every Wednesday night. When I came home to my surprise Matt had gone to DQ and got me a Reeses Cup Ice-Cream Cake!!! It was so delicious!!!! I had a wonderful birthday and am so blessed to have a good husband!