Monday, November 8, 2010

Eyeballs for Dinner!

A family in our ward invited us over for a Halloween Dinner. They asked us to bring some Devil Eggs and this is what we came up with, Scary Eyeballs! We also had crescent sandwiches that looked like snakes!

Happy Birthday Dad!

On October 30th, my dad turned 48! We had dinner, opened presents and went to the movies. We saw Secretariat by Disney. It was a really good movie and better than I thought it was going to be. We then came home and had chocolate.

Shooting with Grandpa

Grandpa Coon came out in October to help my mom put her kitchen cabinets in and while he was here, we went shooting! I have never been shooting so it was really entertaining and educational. When grandpa is around there is never a dull moment! We drove out to Eudora, Kansas to shoot some clay disks. We missed Katie, she was waitressing.

Sarah aiming at the disk.

The orange disk I shoot at.

My mom was very proud of herself!

Matt shooting

Sarah modeling the fun glasses!

Grandpa Coon handing the gun over to me. I think he looks a little nervous.

I love this picture of Grandpa Coon with his hat and gun!
Funny side note: Everytime Sarah shot she would swing the gun around fully loaded, aiming at us! We would all yell, "Sarah put the gun down!" Grandpa was escpecially funny towards Sarah, "Sarah you're killing me, you gotta keep that gun pointed to the ground. " One time Matt was out in the field putting out the clay disks for us to aim out and shoot. After Sarah shoot, she forgot to put the gun down again, I could have lost my husband!